Willie Jolley

Willie Jolley is a motivational speaker and minister.

His mission is to inspire people to rise above their circumstances and to maximize their potential and God-given talents. Willie Jolley was named one of the five most outstanding speakers in the world by Toastmasters International and was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame.

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I Won The Lottery!

By Willie Jolley
I am writing this note to all my friends to let you know that I won the Lottery! Yes, I won the lottery and I am super-excited about it!

While at the gym this morning, I shared with a gentleman, who I see every day, that I won the lottery. He got very excited. He said “Wow! Wow! Wow! You won the lottery? That is awesome!“ I said, “I agree! It is awesome!”   Lottery ticket

When he asked me about the details, I told him, “I won the lottery today…I woke up!” He stopped and stared at me and said, “I thought you won the Mega Millions lottery!” And I told him I did not win THAT lottery, but I won the lottery today because we are not promised to wake up any day!

And then to wake up in a place where I can make as much money as I want to make, and am able to do all I was born to do! It is incredible! Warren Buffett said that to be born in America you have won the lottery. I agree and add that if you were born in America, or any other country that operates with a free enterprise system, and are alive today, in a time when we have all kinds of technology available…then we truly have hit the lottery!

It all comes down to attitude! I have an attitude of gratitude and an expectation of exceptional success that will come as a result of my actions. So, today I am excited, as I am every day, because I won the lottery. I can decide to live the life of my dreams…. and so can you!

Will it be easy? NO! But to hit the Mega Millions lottery is not easy either. I think they said the chances of hitting the lottery are 1 in 1.7 million. Yet, the chances of you living your dreams is much more achievable. Decide today that you are grateful for this day. Make a commitment to think about your goals and dreams today; then make a decision to pursue them with passion. And you too can become one of the mega millionaires we read about.

Lastly, the lottery is only a game of chance; but your success is not chance, but your choice! Today choose to think positive and then take action on those thoughts! Be grateful for this day and make the most of the gift you have been given today – the gift of life… you woke up! Remember, you live in a place and time when you can turn your dreams into realities and you can become a mega millionaire! If others have done it, why can’t you?

So if you can accept this frame of thinking, and you can move on it; then you can tell your friends that you won the lottery… because you did! God Bless!


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To your success!

James Lawson

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