Why Do Bad Things Happen to Great People?

We often wonder “Why do bad things happen to such great people?” “Why does a child die before the parents?” “Why do parents die and leave behind young children?”

Darin, Jane and NoahToday my nephew’s wife, Jane, passed away from a brain aneurysm at age 34. She leaves behind a four-year-son and a three-month-old daughter. Jane was a loving mother and wife who enjoyed working with children so much that she majored in social work in college and then ran her own home daycare.

Because we are a family of strong faith, we’ve come to accept each pothole in our lives as a test that only makes us stronger. Oh, sure, initially, we all cry out “Why, God? “ And maybe even have angry feelings of asking why God didn’t change the situation around. And yet, through all the years I’ve come to realize I will never in this life know all these answers, but I still believe God is good, caring, kind, and loves each of us in spite of all the ugly that happens around us and to us.

I’m always reminded of what happened to Job in the Bible. He was wealthy and successful and a great man of God, but God allowed the devil to destroy everything around Job, from his wife and children, to his animals, his livelihood – everything gone. And through it all, Job never lost his faith. Oh believe me, he was angry and couldn’t understand why all this had to happen to him, but he still believed God would turn it around. And turn it around He did! New wife, more children, immense wealth!

I think there are times when all of us feel like Job. Do we want to give up? Sure, sometimes. Do we want to blame God? Sure, occasionally. But in the end we know the mind of God is way beyond our comprehension. So no matter what the reason for the pothole, we believe, it’s all good in God’s eyes.

Jane was an organ donor and through this tragedy, others will live on as a blessing from her. Although we feel a deep sense of loss, we celebrate her life and the positive impact she made on us and the people around her.

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