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What is Your Net Worth?

Our first reaction when asked this question triggers thoughts of our financial status.

For this is what we’ve been taught – to determine our value based on our bank and investment accounts, houses, cars, and even jewelry.

Our culture tells us, “You are what you have. If you have nothing, you are worth nothing.”

At some point in our lives, we’ve come to accept this. We’re only as valuable as our next sale, our latest company promotion, or our newest portfolio acquisition.
Net worthOur self worth has become tied to our net worth.

To continue feeling good about ourselves we need to experience more money and more possessions.

When basing our self worth on our net worth, there’s never enough. Net WorthIt’s always one more investment we need to acquire, one more property we need to buy, one more company to takeover to achieve that “success” rush.

However, if we dig deep within ourselves, we will find there is more to our self worth than our financial assets. Our identity is not in what we own.

The way we measure our worth serves as a major factor in the decisions we make, the kindness we show, and the integrity and dignity in which we conduct our everyday lives.

There is no limit to the amount of love we can show, the amount of hope we can spread, or the number of encouraging words we can speak.

Our net worth doesn’t need to define our self worth.

Author Dr. James Dobson relates a story of his childhood and his grandmother. She was a master of the game of Monopoly and taught James to play.

Net WorthIn every game she would take all of his money and he would quit in utter defeat. She would remind him, “Some day you will learn to play the game.”

One summer he played Monopoly with a neighbor daily until he understood that the strategy to increasing his net worth was not in holding cash but in the power of acquisition.

By that winter, James had mastered the net worth technique and played a game where he finally destroyed his grandmother financially.

However, the greatest lesson came at the end of the game.

She told him, “Now it all goes back in the box – all those houses and hotels, all the railroads and utility companies, and all that wonderful money. None of it was really yours.”

Net Worth


“It was around a long time before you sat down at the board and it will be here long after you have gone.

For every player, the game ends. It all goes back in the box.”



When our Monopoly pieces are placed back in the box, will we be remembered for the net worth we accumulated in our race around the board? Or for the lives we touched along the way?




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