The Secret World of Gold Documentary

No matter what your views on owning physical gold, this documentary, shown on History 2 and the National Geographic channels, reveals some interesting facts about the secret world of gold and where its heading.

Here are some questions raised and mostly answered in this video:

gold stock imageHow is it possible that for every 100 ounces of gold traded on the electronic exchanges,  there may not be even one ounce of real gold backing it up?

Why do the Western nations prefer gold remain in a museum while the Eastern countries such as China and India buy it by the tonnes?

Why does Andrew McGuire, an independent bullion trader and whistleblower, believe prices in the international gold and silver markets have been manipulated?

Why was gold the driving force in WWII?

gold on the ocean floorWhy is it there are billions of dollars of gold and silver littering the floors of the world’s oceans?

What role did Swiss banks play in the Holocaust?

Why did FDR require Americans to give back their gold in 1933?

When was the last gold audit done at Fort Knox?

gold in storage vaultsIn 2012, why did the Federal Reserve refuse to let the German central bank access its own gold stored at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York?

What happened to all of Canada’s gold?


Some notable comments in the documentary:

  • The Romans called gold  “the muscles of war.”
  • To finance the Third Reich, the Nazis were determined to capture gold from their neighboring countries.
  • All the gold in the world melted down would only fill three Olympic swimming pools.
  • NYU’s financial historian, Richard Sylla states “The golden rule is really… Those who have the gold – rule.”
  • Gold analyst John Embry says a monumental shift is underway with gold. People in the West are making a ghastly mistake with gold. The Eastern countries such as China, India, Russian delight in the opportunity to buy cheap gold. So the gold is going from West to East. As the old adage says, “Gold goes where the wealth is being created.”



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