North American Sandsculpting Championship 2012

What can I say but “Wow!” after browsing through the singles and doubles sandsculpting championships in Virginia Beach going on this weekend.

North American Sandsculpting Championship


Here’s what I learned:

Not all sand is created equal – For this championship, sand was trucked in from Currituck County, N.C., that holds together better than our local stuff.

Team competitors get a 20 ton sand mound while solo competitors get a 16 ton mound.

None of the sculptors were from Virginia. They came from Singapore, Mexico, The Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Lithuania, Canada, Texas, Florida, Washington, and New Jersey.

Virginia Beach has the biggest sand sculpting purse in the country – $55,000 along with an all-expenses-paid trip for those lucky enough to be invited.

There’s a time limit of 24 hours spread over three days.

The sculptors use only sand, water, and their tools to build their sculptures and then finish it off with a spray of watered down wood glue.

Sculptors covet the football-size tent where their creations are protected from wind, rain, and yes, those pesky humans and animals that can’t resist destroying a masterpiece in seconds. 🙂


Check out the top three results in both categories:

Japanese Crane

Japanese Crane – Solo First Place & Solo Sculptors’ Choice

Big Catch

Big Catch – Solo 2nd Place & Solo Neptune’s Choice

Sand Hamlet

Sand Hamlet – Solo Third Place

Mr. Sandman

Mr. Sandman – Doubles First Place

Kachina – Doubles Second Place

Kachina – Doubles Second Place – Side View

In One Ear

In One Ear – Doubles Third Place & Doubles Sculptures’ Choice

Out the Other

Out the Other – Doubles Third Place & Doubles Sculptures’ Choice – Back View





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