Matt Rettick on the Importance of Gold

Wake-up Audio Call March 12, 2015 with Matt Rettick

matt rettickMatt Rettick, a 25-year veteran of the financial services industry, was the guest speaker on a Wake-Up Call for Karatbars Affiliates hosted by Nadine and Dave.


Matt’s Short Bio

Matt founded and ran three different financial services companies and has been called, “America’s Financial Insider” as the host of the Checks and Balances TVand radio show.

AllTheRuesHaveChangedBook_NarrowBeing in the top 1% of retirement advisors in the country, Matt Rettick has been tapped for financial product advice from insurance companies and has been featured repeatedly on various television stations as the “expert” in his field. Mainstream media’s, Nashville’s News Channel 5, NBC’s Today, Fox & Friends, Fox Business, MSNBC and others have featured Matt for his approach to eliminating debt and building strong financial futures.

Matt’s most recent book is All the Rules Have Changed: What You MUST Do to Succeed In The New Financial Reality (#1 Amazon best seller within 24 hours of launch).

Here is the full audio of the Wake-Up Call and  Matt Rettick Phone Call Transcript


For the purpose of this blog, I highlighted some of Matt’s conversation from the phone call below along with my comments for clarification in italics.

Matt Rettick’s Perspective on the Importance of Gold

“Most of us know that up until 1971 our dollar was backed by gold. Why was that important? You could go into the bank and exchange your cash for gold or gold for cash.

Nixon took us off the gold standard – he said temporarily…[but] they never took [that legislation] back off the books.

What’s happening today? We are spending every day more than we are bringing in… The current debt is over $18 trillion and we have over $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Unfunded liabilities means things like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security.

Now financial advisors (any who are worth their salt) recommend their clients have their assets diversified – different kinds of investments. And you should really have 10% of those assets in precious metals, things like silver but mostly gold…


If you have gold stored away it is an excellent hedge against inflation.

Matt explains this chart to the left as an example.

If you leave it in cash you would not earn anything…with inflation our dollar is worth less and less every  year. Inflation is kind of a silent killer. You don’t really see it. It sneaks up on you.



There are different ways of buying gold. You can buy a kilo, an ounce, a bar, or coins, ETFs (exchanged traded funds that are gold certificates).

The problem with gold in a bar, kilo, or an ounce is that you have to store it in a vault and under surveillance and that way everyone knows that’s pure gold.  As soon as you take personal possession of that gold, then you as the owner bear the responsibility to prove that it is, like in our case, 999.9 pure 24 karat gold bullion.

Then when you take possession of it how do you do that? You’d have to go to a gold refinery and have them melt it down, have an assayer tell you the purity of the gold.  That’s just not practical.

[Then, here’s] what’s wrong with coins:

  • Coins have been counterfeited for years…
  • The standard gold in the coin is only about 91.7% gold. The rest is alloy.
  • You don’t own that gold. You are simply the bearer of it. The U.S. government owns that gold. If there was ever a financial crisis and they came to collect that gold from you, you would only get face value, not market value.


Why Karatbars?

I’ve been looking for 25 years for a good source for my clients to buy gold and I never found it until recently… With gold, you want to have some small, usable quantities if anything goes awry with our economy. And then hang on to that gold because it’s going to keep you ahead of inflation.

As a financial advisor, and I have securities licenses, insurance licenses, I have 5 financial services companies that are still in existence today and doing well. I have to be really cautious with anything I personally get involved in or recommend or promote.

I took 30 days and I started August 1, 2014 and took 30 days to investigate the company myself doing some background checks,  investigations, online searches.  I even had my compliance officer… do some due diligence.

But after 30 days my compliance officer and myself came to the same conclusion –  that this is a very strong company.

[Karatbars International] is a five year old, debt-free e-commerce company out of Stuttgart Germany. They operate legally in 123 countries today.

Now, think about that. In five years, they are in 123 countries. Just for fun I did some research. The number 1 recognized franchise around the world is McDonalds… They have been in business 60 years, and they’re in 105 countries today.

The largest retailer in the world was created by Sam Walton. Walmart has been around 53 years now, starting in 1962. They are only in 30 countries.

Karatbars within 5 years is in 123 countries, and they’re adding more all the time.

[Harald Seiz’s, CEO and founder of Karatbars,] mission statement is to bring the highest grade gold in small, usable quantities to the average person throughout the world that they could afford…He created 1, 2.5 and 5 gram cards that everybody can afford.  A one gram card is around $60 today, a 2.5 gram is around $135, and the 5 gram around $235.

We’re simply exchanging some of our U.S. currency, that as we all know is going down in value, into …real money which is gold… Gold never goes bankrupt. Gold never fails. Gold always has a value. Alan Greenspan said it best several times, “He who has gold always has money.”

In my research, as I looked at Karatbars closely, I was tremendously impressed that it’s not only the highest grade gold in the world – 999.9 fine 24k gold bullion, but Harald Seiz was able to work with three of the LBMA [London Bullion Market Association] refineries that the LBMA has on their Good Delivery List.

There are thousands of gold refineries around the world. But the LBMA is like the watch dog…and the LBMA only recognizes about 70 of those thousands of gold refineries as offering the highest grade gold in the world. To be on the LBMA Good Delivery List is quite a feat.

As far as the compensation plan, I won’t get into that now. I will say that this compensation plan is the most lucrative and profitable of any I’ve ever seen in 40 years of being in business.

I would encourage anybody who’s looking at this to do their own investigation. But also learn as much as you can from some of us who have already done the research.”


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