Cookie Monster – A Chick Magnet?

I would never have believed it – the thought that Cookie Monster could a be a chick magnet.

Cookie Monster & V for Vendetta

In preparation for an adult Halloween party, friends of our son, Eric, donned costumes of action heroes, comic book personalities, and movie characters. To our surprise, Eric showed up at our home in a pre-school favorite – Cookie Monster.

He even took his character to a new level with this Cookie Monster Dance. Check it out…

We later learned that, at the club, Cookie Monster became the center of attention along with the bag of homemade cookies pinned to his chest. Women screamed for Cookie Monster as they walked down the street, spotted him on the dance floor, or bumped into him in the hallways of the venue.

Cookie Monster's belly

They hugged Cookie’s big belly, snapped photos, and yes, helped themselves to some of Cookie Monster’s homemade cookies – all to the delight of the man inside the suit.

So, single men, are you still searching for this year’s costume for your Halloween hangout? Why not head out as Cookie Monster and be the next chick magnet?

And, ahem, practice your own version of the Cookie Monster Dance… and don’t forget your cookies. 🙂

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