Brand Your Unique Image With Gold

Are you celebrating a special event? Promoting your business? Planning a fundraiser? These exclusive 24k, 999.9 fine gold bullion Branding Cards are the perfect solution!

Preserve your great moments…and cherish them for a lifetime.

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What types of branding cards could I get?

Here are some ideas, but the possibilities are endless!

  • Business owner - show appreciation for employees who have achieved specific milestones, such employee of the month, top sales employee, or customer service award.
  • Home-based business owner – promote your business or give away to members of your team who achieve specific ranks.
  • Coach or any organization - add a picture of your team or organization and sell the cards as a fundraising activity.
  • Real estate agent, car dealer, or anyone in sales – give your customers a “golden” business card that will never be thrown away.
  • Parent and grandparent – document each year of your child’s or grandchild’s life. Or give as gifts every year on their birthdays.
  • Member of a family reunion – put your family photo on a branding card to preserve those memories for generations.
  • Church member or religious leader – commemorate an event or function with gold. It’s been around 5000 years!
  • Anyone – design a unique gift for weddings, baby showers, holidays, or any celebration.
James Lawson

FRONT design of a gold branding card, which is about the size of a credit card. The 1 gram of gold in the upper right corner is seen through the front to the back, and can be placed in various locations on the card.

James Lawson

 BACK design of above branding card with 1 gram of gold through the card.


How Are Customers Using Branding Cards?

Fundraising for Canadian Veterans

canadian veterans branding card "We bought 50 cards specially designed for a nonprofit. We are selling them and 100% of the money goes to the nonprofit."


tena godin image canadian veterans
Tena Godin

Yearly "Golden" Birthday Celebrations

gracie branding card with edits

“We are going to create a new card with Gracie's pictures every year. Beautiful SPECIAL Branding Cards!”


ed darla williams gracie card for thumbnail
Ed and Darla Williams

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Showcasing Photography Business

debra roffo swan back and front.jpg

“I love the branding card that was designed for me. It’s one of my favorite photos I have taken.”



  debra roffo thumbprint
Debra Roffo

Rewarding Team Members

"I am using this card to show my appreciation to team members who achieve specific levels within our organization."



fonda_thumbnail Fonda Waddell

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