national debt

U.S. National Debt: Visualizing $18 Trillion

For most of us, it’s hard to conceptualize the U.S. national debt of $18 trillion in debt  (and an additional $80+ trillion for unfunded liabilities such as Social Security, Medicare). We hear economists and politicians throwing these numbers around with such ease that we become lulled into complacency about the magnitude of that number.  It…

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fiat currency

Is Our Fiat Money Backed by Gold?

When my son was in third grade, I joined his class field trip to watch fiat money being printed at the U.S. Treasury. As I observed them printing dollars I wondered if his teacher knew what gave our dollar its value. When asked, to my surprise, he knew!  “The fact that we believe it has…

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reserve currency

The Dominant World’s Reserve Currency

Have you ever wondered how the Federal Reserve is able to print our dollars without producing anything to back it up? It’s one of the advantages of being the world’s dominate reserve currency.  But how does it all work? Here’s a list of commonly asked questions about reserve currencies and my stab at simplifying the…

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own gold

Why the Wealthy Own Gold

Today many of the world’s wealthy class own gold. What do they know that others don’t? It was billionaire tycoon JP Morgan who stated, “Gold is money; everything else is credit.” Most wealthy people don’t view physical gold as an investment, but as wealth preservation. They realize gold outperforms cash and other riskier assets when…

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central banks hoarding gold

Are Central Banks Hoarding Gold?

The World Gold Council published 2015 first quarter Gold Demand Trends and it’s true… central banks are hoarding gold. And they have been for 17 consecutive quarters. The chart below shows over the last several years, while the price of gold drifted lower and analysts and economists despised it, central banks around the world were…

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Why You Should Own Gold

COMEX Available Gold Drops to All-Time Lows

The COMEX available gold inventories (those which are ready for delivery) are at an all-time low – under 170,000 ounces. Why is this alarming? First, the basics… What is the COMEX? It is the primary market for trading metals such as gold and silver. It was formerly known as the Commodity Exchange Inc, but merged…

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The Chinese Yuan Devaluation Will Affect Your Dollar

Jim Rickards, best-selling author of the Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis, and The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System, shared insight into the Chinese yuan devaluation. He has an exceptional ability to put complex topics into layman’s terms and provide us with a perspective we may…

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Why You Should Hold Gold

Here’s a great interview from the Stansberry Research website on why you should include physical gold in your portfolio. An Interview with Doug Casey …Gold is … grossly misunderstood by most people. To learn why gold is so valuable – and why it’s so important to own– we sat down with Doug Casey, chairman of…

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Not All Gold Is Equal. Know The Differences.

The World Gold Council categorizes the demand for gold into 4 sectors: 1. Jewelry –  About 50% of the world’s new consumption of gold is in jewelry with India and China as the two largest markets. Because gold is soft, jewelry makers must add other alloys to make them stronger. The lower the karat rating,…

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Matt Rettick on the Importance of Gold

Wake-up Audio Call March 12, 2015 with Matt Rettick Matt Rettick, a 25-year veteran of the financial services industry, was the guest speaker on a Wake-Up Call for Karatbars Affiliates hosted by Nadine and Dave.   Matt’s Short Bio Matt founded and ran three different financial services companies and has been called, “America’s Financial Insider”…

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