It was 2008.

You woke up one morning and your 401k tanked… or the house you just bought lost half its value… or the company you worked for closed and your pension was gone.

If you were in any of these situations, you’re not alone.

Imagine thinking you have job security and one day you’re blindsided. You’re told you are being downsized, and then escorted out of the building. That was me in 2008.

In addition, my wife, Debra and I were hit with big losses in our 401ks that year. Who could have planned for this?

It was then we began our quest to take control of our financial future.


James LawsonMy Journey

I was blessed to grow up in a giving family. My father served in the army and was in the Korean War. My mother was a teacher, elementary school principal, and minister.

They set the foundation for our commitment, hard work, charity, and faith in God.

Participating in football and track from Pop Warner through college helped reinforce those principles in addition to developing teamwork, cooperation, and discipline.

After college, I owned a vending business, worked in property management and as an IT professional, and then purchased a business franchise.

While each one of these was a stepping stone to the next level, there was always something missing in my education of the financial system.


My Financial Awakening

A few years after our significant 401k losses, Debra and I stumbled upon Phil Town’s book Rule #1: The Simple Strategy for Successful Investing in Only 15 Minutes a Week!

Later, we signed on to his year-long course learning how to invest using his Rule #1 strategies. We’ve done quite well following Phil’s system.

It was through this course that we connected the dots on how our monetary system and the Federal Reserve impact the stock markets and global economies.

Year after year we dug deeper on everything related to our currency, monetary policy, and how the global financial system works.

About James LawsonAnd through our digging, we discovered gold! Literally!

We had always wanted to save some physical gold but we didn’t know how, who to trust, or where to begin.

We learned how we could purchase small gram quantities of 24k, 999.9 gold bullion that before were only available in large quantities for the super wealthy.


Our financial education has unearthed a new passion which can be summed up into two goals:

  • Be an advocate, mentor, teacher to those who, like me, did not grow up with an extensive financial education.
  • Show individuals how to leave a financial legacy for their families by saving in gold bullion.


Are you serious about acquiring wealth and leaving a legacy?

Then join us. Bring your financial freedom home one gram at a time. Let me show you how!




P.S. Check out a few of my favorite family activities.

James Lawson

I love living near the ocean to get those Maryland crabs! Father’s Day treat from our son Eric.












James Lawson at the Redskins game

Debra and I are Redskin football fans. We enjoyed bringing our nephews to one of the games. Our son is a Cowboys fan. (How did that happen!)


James Lawson

What a great day at our son’s college graduation!


James Lawson

Always a lot to eat on our Caribbean cruises!