A Day of Miracles on 9/11

Today I want to remember all of the stories of survival and miracles from 9/11 eleven years ago.  Through all the horrific events of that day come stories of how people’s lives were forever changed after their survival.

This morning on the Trinity Broadcast Network I watched “Day of Miracles”, a film that shared the stories of several survivors on 9/11. Of particular interest to me was the story of Genelle Guzman. She was on the 13th floor of the World Trade Center when the building collapsed burying her alive. She was found 27 hours later still alive. During that time she told of a man named “Paul” who held her hand through it all and told her she was going to be ok. After she was rescued, she asked where was Paul who held her hand the entire time? She wanted to thank him for staying with her. The rescuers said there was no one there named Paul and that she was found alone in the rubble. Genelle is convinced an angel was with her.

Another woman was trapped in the elevator when the tower was struck. She was rescued by paramedics and put into an ambulance. While in the ambulance she watched herself from above as the emergency workers shook their heads and said she had died. She saw a bright light, felt an incredible warmth of love, and then saw her grandparents. She felt she was coming back “home.”  She was told it was not her time and she had to go back.

Other incredible stories of survival and miracles on 9/11 include:

  1. Two Port Authority officers, looking for survivors on the 78th floor of the WTC, who were buried under 1.2 million tons of debris and still managed to survive for 14 hours until they were rescued. Even the doctor who was at the scene could not believe how they could have survived.
  2. A blind man with his guide dog who were on the 78th floor and managed to descend all the stairs and exit safely.
  3. A group of workers, who all were employed on the floors above where the planes hit, had been at a Bible Study the night before and all had eaten together at a restaurant. All had food poisoning from that meal and none of them went to work on 9/11.
  4. A woman who was guided down 40 flights of stairs by a man she’d never seen before. When she made it safely out the door, she turned to look for him and there was no one there.
  5. Officer Sonny Jones, who was trapped in the WTC debris, was discovered by another officer one week later. Officer Jones said during that week he had visions of Jesus bringing him water.

The Miracle Detectives series on OWN tells an incredible story of firefighter, John Morabito.  At the end of that day, John headed home over the Brooklyn Bridge. Midway he encountered a construction worker who joined him on his walk. The construction worker commented how he had seen the whole thing and how God has a bigger plan for him (John).  He told John that he needed to tell his story and keep the memories of the others alive. Once over the bridge, John met up with police officers handing out water. He mentioned he’d like to get some water for construction worker who was heading down the other path. The officers inform him that they watched him walk alone over the bridge…all alone. So he asks himself “Was I just walking with Jesus?”

 Today, let’s take a moment to remember all those who died that day and also celebrate the beautiful stories of miracles on 9/11.


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