2013 Health Checkup

At our church service this morning, the pastor spoke on 10 ways to know if we are healthy. Below are his points along with my thoughts interjected throughout.

Image courtesy of Andy Newson at FreeDigitalPhotos.net10 Ways to Know If We’re Healthy

  1. When we don’t depend on others to create our own success.  We don’t hang around waiting to ride the coattails of others but step out and blaze a trail for ourselves.
  2. When we don’t blame others for what we failed to do. We cannot change who God chose for our parents nor the circumstances we grew up in, but we have the choice of what attitude we will embrace each day.
  3. When we can recognize destructive relationships. We’ve all been in them and when our inner spirit tells us we’re being controlled, abused, or used… it’s time to bolt.
  4. When we go to God as our source. As people of faith, we thank God for the good times AND for our challenges. Each low point builds our character and resolve while the highs reward and encourage us to keep pressing on.
  5. When our environment doesn’t leave us crippled and comfortable. We find a place where we’re continually challenged; a place where we’re mentored; a place where there’s affirmation; and a place where growth is modeled and expected. We continually stretch outside our comfort zone.
  6. When we’re willing to get up. We get to a place where we’re excited to wake up. Failure is not seen as our enemy. Most successful people have failed their way to the top.
  7. When we’re accountable. Be where we say we’ll be. Do what we say we’ll do. We hold ourselves responsible for our personal and professional goals.
  8. When we’re willing to face our weaknesses. We take action to identify our shortcomings and develop habits to change them.
  9. When we develop an unoffendable spirit. We accept feedback with humility and grace. We can laugh at our goofs. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and readily forgive others.  In Matthew 18:21-22 , Peter asks Jesus how many times we should forgive someone who does something against us. Should we forgive them up to seven times? But Jesus’ answer was “Seventy times seven.” Translation: limitless. 🙂  Forgive… let go… move on.
  10. When our mind is in a constant state of renewal. We learn to develop a routine of speaking daily, positive affirmations.

These healthy principles are a lifelong process but with our faith in God and daily prayer we can keep moving forward!

comcindycorbett2013happynewyear-1-6Cheers to our healthy 2013!


Image of businessman courtesy of Andy Newson at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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  • Vanessa Joyner

    February 2, 2013

    Inspiring life lessons, thanks!